Who we are

Our Company was founded by Mr. Uday Phadke in 1996 with vision to develop computer software application for each and every segment. Initialy, we targeted rural area of maharashtra and develop application for Dairy Patsanstha, Vikas Society, Hotel in marathi language. People like softwere in their own language

Manthan National Award 2014

Won "Manthan National Award 2014" for development of software in indian languages.
This award is given by DEF Digital Empowermet Foundation, New Delhi.

Our Mission

To develop software and mobile application in Indian languages. People like software and mobile application in their own language and everyone need software. We targeted small scale business units for development of software. We belive that if we provide simple and easy applications to small scale business units at very afforadable cost then everyone will use software in their day to day business activity.